Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Simple Blade Of Grass

Consider a simple blade of grass.  Consider how much humanity there is in that simple blade of grass.  And how much it can resemble, if not exceed, those of us with “higher intelligence.”

A simple blade of grass can be stubbornly determined enough to break through almost any obstacle in its way, including rock and concrete, seemingly defying physical impossibility.  It thrives when given a rich and nourishing environment and room to grow, but it will nevertheless develop to its best possible capacity regardless of the limiting conditions of its environment.  It requires little in order to survive, but will become unruly and die if over-fed or over-tended.  It grows best when it is periodically trimmed and sent back near to its roots; shorn of its excesses, it can begin a new cycle of growth having been reminded of and re-grounded in its original purpose.  There are endless varieties of grasses, but they can coexist together even if it means one opts to take a diminished role in order to accommodate the needs of a more dominant or needy one.  It knows that there is strength in numbers, requiring many other individual blades of grass in order to collectively create a lawn, a forest bed, or a great plain of waving grasses.

That blade of grass is virtually indestructible, so that even when it appears to have died it is merely lying dormant, ready to near-magically come back again if given proper attention.  It is clear in its original purpose for being, and so willingly gives of itself back to the ground or to other larger life forms so as to provide nourishment to others.  It does so knowing that it thereby contributes to the development and betterment of the whole of Life, causing a ripple of extended consequences beyond what it can see or know within a continuing cycle of sharing.  It can be shaped and regulated for a time by the whims and conventions of Man, fueling the illusion that man can “control” his/her environment.  But in reality it does just fine (if not better) following the higher conventions of Nature and drawing from the sustenance provided by God.  In the winter, it is wise enough to take time to pause and renew itself so that it is ready to take advantage of the next season for personal growth when that time presents itself.

Lacking the higher intelligence of human beings, that simple blade of grass has never declared war on anything.  It has never killed another life form simply to enjoy the act of killing or to prove anything to its peer grasses.  It has never needed to vote on a set of rules in order to control its capacity for evil conduct.  It never takes more than it needs nor steals what does not belong to it; it is content with what it has.  It cannot comprehend the idea that it “owns” the soil in which it resides, versus sharing it with others during its time.

We should think of that simple blade of grass often, for the many lessons it can teach us.  In its soul may be more humanity and intelligence than to be found in the entire human race.  It encourages us to pause and ask, what is the possibility that we could all grow up to be as wise as a simple blade of grass?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Importance of Life

Your life is very, very important.
      So do not take it so seriously.

Your time is very short and limited.
      So relax.